About Me

I am a Lawyer from Panama, who moved abroad years ago; an enthusiastic traveler and photography lover, but above everything an optimistic. I truly believe that important changes in our society can be accomplished  step by step; trusting that no matter how small we think our efforts are, at the end, it is the sum of all those positive actions what generates changes, this is the idea behind my blog. It is not my intention to convince the readers, the objective is to exchange ideas, experiences and thoughts from both women and men. My topics will be about things that I’ve experienced that can generate a discussion that will benefit society somehow.

To move forward, we must be willing to open our minds, to abandon old concepts and to be honest with each other. Sometimes we are so afraid to share our ideas that we miss the amazing opportunity that comes with discussion; communication is always the best method to solve problems.

To the readers, please leave your comments, share the articles, discuss them with your friends, colleagues, family and partners; we can all learn just by sharing our opinion.

Griselda Morales